Summer in Norway?

Today I got a flurry of text messages from my Daughter expressing interest in a 4H exchange program for the summer of 2018… 1 month in Norway.  Above is one of the text images.

OK… I listen to the pitch… It all sounds fine until I see the price. 2200.00 plus airfare!?!?!

First off… We are going on a family vaca to Europe next year. I am not sure there is a need for her to spend another 4 weeks in Northern Europe, especially when its going to cost as much as or whole family trip!

Secondly… I thought these exchange programs were cheaper. Do the host families get paid now? I thought it was a labor or love to take a kid in from another country. I think I will take in a couple after the kids move out to make extra cash in a few years!!!

Thirdly… I just bought our spring break… I’m broke!

Fourthly… (Is that a word?) Where are my Facebook friends? Cant I just call Andrew down in Australia or Jim in New Zealand? Mike in Germany? Can I give you guys my Daughter for a month with half that money???

No, we cant front the bill for this. Summer is ready to shed or sell items of value. Not that she has much. She does work, but she cant make enough at her job.

I told Summer to start a Go-Fund-Me or something like that. She wanted me to whip it up, but I told her its going to need some production value to get the money she is looking for.

Admission fee of 2200.00: (Airfare on top of that, I can bargain shop that.)
44 people to give 50 bucks?
88 people to give 25 bucks?
Rewards: Postcards from Norway, exclusive donor Facebook channel with video diaries? Who knows.

I told her to make a list of possible donors.

So, if she hits you up… You know where this is coming from! 

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