The 5th of November… Guy Fawkes Day 2017

Remember remember… The 5th of November.

In the spirit of the day… I share this video.

In this YouTube video, the character “V” wears a Guy Fawkes mask in a homage to the British revolutionary. Fawkes was part of group that planned the failed Gunpowder Plot in the year 1605. The plot of the movie is similar to Fawkes origninal mission… Blow up the houses of parliment.

This clip from “V for Vendetta” is generated from a movie adaptation of a comic that I would say was on the “subversive side” in the 80’s. It was made in a time when nationalism was in an uptick and fear of the Russians and nuclear war loomed heavily in the media. (We could talk about Sting singing “Russians” or Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” puppetry as examples of the fervor that existed in those days) Isn’t it funny how these things are cyclical?

My immediate circle in HS knew of the book when I was collecting the series… But as I recall… we weren’t the most popular bunch, so i would say the other 99% of kids running around Fairbury had never heard of V for Vendetta, Guy Fawkes or any of the history behind this mask.

Imagine my surprise a few months ago when I see my daughter has the trade paperback in her hands… Not only that, It’s a library book. Even more shocking, it’s from the school library. Wow! I was thrilled. We have come a long way in some ways! (Then again, Aiden told me a story of a kid he met who was a glacier denier yesterday that makes me wonder WTF are some people teaching their kids)

While flipping through the pages in my kitchen, my daughter asked me if I had ever heard of this book? At that moment… I really felt as if I had blown it as a parent by not sharing this with her previously. Then again, I must have done something right… She found it by herself and had been enlightened and educated by it.

Added bonus… Summer saw the movie after reading the book! She didnt even know it existed. How often does a kid watch a movie after reading the book? She was merciless in her review after watching the movie! lol.

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