Red Mist passes it first test

The 1990 Celica GT lived up to its destiny this past weekend by making it through the local Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) event held at the Pekin Airport… Yes, they have an airport!

Red Mist, as the car is now affectionately called…  Grabbed better and better times all through the day.  That was good…  I was learning and getting better with each race against the clock.  This video below is one of the first runs.

You can see that the lines I picked were not very sharp, and I gave the cones a lot of room!  That improves with the next video… My last run of the day.

All in all… Fun day.

I had hoped that Summer would be there for this, I think she would have gotten a lot out of it… But, she had Cross Country and her team needs her! Next time???

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