Common Ground at the Debate?

One thing I did learn at this weeks 4 Party debate at the Lariat…  We all generally see the same problems and mostly want the same things for everyone.

Thats pretty vague right?  I’m sorry!

I listened to the issues presented to the representatives by the moderator and listened to each answer.  More often than not, no matter the party, I found myself pulling out thought provoking points.  (Except for when Sheldon was pulling out terrible quotes from the Trump campaign as needed for comic relief).

I personally think that the mouthpieces for each of these parties at the national level are my problem.  Hillary is scandal ridden and I honestly feel like she is an example of “Cheaters can win”.  Moreover, she makes me believe that Karma is not a thing, since she doesnt seem to worry about it.   I cant support her in any fashion.  Matt Fields spoke for the Democrats at this debate, and I had to say, I thought he came off as a reasonable person.  I was impressed.  For some reason, I was expecting a snotty and unattached person closer to some kind of robotic socialist.

Scott Summers represented the Green Party and he had a ton of great points over the hour and a half.  I think he might get my vote for the state senate seat.  Our guy, Ben Hausan presented great libertarian points and made some compelling arguments for our cause.

My takeaway:  Everyone one of us is concerned about War, Education, Taxes, Healthcare and the future of the country.  It also proved to me that we have so many people that would make better representitives for our parties…  How did those two at the top of the Ballot get there?

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