Dead things, Tax Cut and Road Garbage

We went to Chicago this weekend. Ang got some free credits if she listened to a drug company disguise a commercial as an educational conference. Her words not mine! We left the Homestead at 5:30 AM, and were Michigan and Whacker by 8:30. Not bad!

I sat in the lobby of the Hilton while this was going on. I had the laptop and some headphones, and was listening to Lewis Black, and Mitch Hedberg. I was so amused by these comedians, that I was sitting there smiling and giggling to myself. Ang said it was a little discomforting to be at a Schizophrenia Conference, and see her husband in the lobby smiling and laughing all by himself. At least I give her a patient to practice on.

We went to IKEA of course, and then ran over to Woodfield mall and grabbed some SBARRO. I love that joint!

Tangent. I am not a big environmentalist, but this has been bugging me… What is up with all the trash on the roads? On our drive to Chicago, I was almost disgusted by the site of the roadways. I haven’t seen that commercial for the Indian crying, maybe they need to reintroduce that campaign.

Lucky I didn’t have the Camera News: I walked out to feed the Timmy’s tonight, and guess what I saw? A big old Opossum! I instantly became the Great White Hunter! Hemingway would have been proud! I ran back to the house, grabbed the trusty Daisy BB gun, and proceeded to rain the beast with Copper. When he sufficiently looked dead (this is why they call it Possum!), I finished him off. (Graphic details coming, please turn your head if you don’t want to know the gory details!) Anyway, when he was sufficiently playing dead, I took a spade and decapitated the ugly thing. Then I took a big scoop shovel and threw him out in the field behind the house.

Some of you may wonder why I didn’t just scare him out of the barn, and be done with it….. I would have in Delavan, but the Urine of this animal causes health problems for the horses. Not to mention that I had to protect the Timmy’s!

By the way… Bush looked great tonight. I want my 1600.00 tax cut! Lord knows, congress does not need it!

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