The DSL game

Centurtylink had me fooled!  I called in to see if we could get DSL out the ranch now… They signed me up for 3MBit speed DSL… Said they were sending me a router and should expect to be online within a week! 

Then I got this email a few days later:

Thank you for requesting:
CenturyLink High Speed Internet (HSI)

Your recent order has been cancelled at this time.

We are not able to complete the request for High Speed Internet (HSI) because the HSI service is currently not available to your location.

Please do not respond to this email. Should you have any questions you may contact Customer Service at 1-800 788-3500.

Thank You for your interest in CenturyLink high speed internet.

Bastards!  Way to crush my dreams.  They might have well started it off with “Dear John”!

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