I’m with Coco! Leave Conan on the Tonight Show

It may seem trivial and dumb… But, I wanted to through my 2 cents (About all any posts on this site are worth!)  of support behind one of the best minds in late night TV.  Conan O’Brien is what I WISH Letterman would have turned into.  He is still fresh…  Original… And has the best sidekick of all the shows!  Andy Richter! 

If Jay Leno goes back to this old show… I may very well throw up!  What gives that man the right to screw up awesome prime time shows like “Medium” last year…  And now knock down Conan’s career? 

Jay Leno must have an ego that doesn’t stop!  He should have taken a page from Carson.  Retired with grace.  Playing tennis in Malibu.  He let younger talent take over and grow on the foundation he helped create.  Ground that Leno maintained, I am hesitant to say he raised the bar or broadened anything with his simple humor.  Instead…. Leno will ruin the sacred ground.  Scorch the earth and make sure NO ONE ever wants to set foot there again.

Word on the blogs is that Conan will be done at the end of the week…  Leno will be back in Late Night.  I hope he rots in the ratings cellar!

One sidebar:  If Craig Kilborn ever comes back to late night… I am tuning in no matter where he goes!

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