Crash! Plow! Hat! Arrrrgh!

From January 2010

Thursday morning we woke up to about 6 inches of snow in the area.  It was nothing drastic.  But, its not something we have had to deal with for a few years!  I never thought twice about getting to work, but Ang takes the interstate and was a little more worried.  I volunteered to let her take the truck while I would take the Prius to work. 

Well, it was a lot trickier on the interstate.  Less than a mile from work, at the exit ramp…  Wipe-out!

Katy after a job well done.  From January 2010

 I was getting pretty PO’ed with Katy this past week.  I could not get her started 2 days in a row.  I can see why gas engines are preferred!  Started a diesel in these conditions, without a block heater, is nearly impossible!  Last night was not so cold, 10 degrees?  So, I got her fired up and FINALLY got the driveway done.  All was well until I hit a big block of ice that Ang had dumped out of her horse waterers.  I blew off 2 lynch pins… The blade moved to one side and jammed up on a tire.  I could not move!  I had to  fight with that in foot deep snow by myself.  I just about called Ang out…  That thing is HEAVY!

From January 2010

Pete and Marie sent cat beds to some of the family…  Aiden thought it looked good as a hat.

From January 2010

 I really hope Aunt Carla reads this…  I REALLY want to thank her for that WONDERFUL marble tower she sent Aiden for Christmas!!!  Dan and I spent 2 hours on it the other day…  I have logged in about 2 or 3 hours…  ITS STILL NOT DONE!!!!  Now, I consider myself pretty good at this kind of stuff… But this particular set is pretty darn difficult!  I think it was made for ages 18 and up!  Pictures when its done???  If that ever happens!

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