Hey Netflix… Very Long wait for Beetlejuice? What gives?

I love Netflix… So, don’t let the thought that I don’t, ever enter your mind as you read this post.  If you have the service, you will agree with me that they are exceptional in speed and quality. 

I do have one gripe though.  I put Beetlejuice on our “queue” several weeks ago…  And it has shown as “Very Long Wait” during that time.  Normally, I don’t think much of it if this is a new release.  Some new movies may take a week or two depending on how popular they are.

Beetlejuice cannot be that popular!  So, this leads me to believe they have a limited amount of copies.  Maybe its not in production anymore?  Thus, Netflix only has a few copies left?

Not the case.  I checked Amazon… I can get it with “Free Super Saver Shipping” for 8.99.  I can even get a copy in Blue Ray!

So, I have to ask???  Why do I have to wait weeks, or months for this title from the unrivaled king of DVD rental? 

Next thing you know… I will have to wait for a month to get “the Burbs”!

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