Summer teeth

From July 2009

Summer toughed it out yesterday and had 3 teeth pulled at the dentists office. Last week at her bi-annual check up they said that she needs to see an orthodontist immediately! Ang argued… But that went nowhere… He said she had to deal with this now.

Ortho said, “She needs 3 teeth removed…. Immediately!” Summer did not like the sound of that!

Ang and I laid down a smokescreen so that Summer would not know that she was having the teeth pulled on Monday. That way she could enjoy her weekend.

30 minutes at the office, and she was done.

They only gave her some numbing shots and some nitrous gas. After it was over… I asked about pain killers or prescription meds… Dentist said not to worry about it.

Sure enough, after a mopey morning… You would not even know that she had the teeth pulled. She was fine. Except for a bit of a speech impediment!

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