Vote Baby Vote. As I write this at 3PM CST, I have no idea who is gonna win…. All I know is that I have cast my lot! GO GW!

Angela came in at 6 AM this morning screaming bloody murder! Hershey busted out of his fenced area last night, and ran off. Well he didn’t really run too far, he was next to the neighbors Silo searching for bits of corn. We got him all put away, and I fixed the fence. I thought “good, I can go back to bed!”

Well… Not so fast Eric! As I looked over at the Tim’s, I noticed that they were both cleaning themselves like cats that just ate Christmas dinners. Anybody with cats knows this look. Sitting straight up, and cleaning those paws with great pride. I knew something was up, I feed them once a day at nightfall. In just a few seconds, I found the evidence. A mound of gray fur and body parts was sitting in the corner behind the door. My little kittens had somehow killed a Rabbit that was bigger than the 2 of them! YUCK!!!!! So I picked up a spade and tossed him in the field. Just thought you all would appreciate what I do before 7AM.
Photos of the house from the county records are below:

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