College? Is there another option?

Just a quick note this morning.  I was driving the kids in to my Mom’s today…  Summer said “Daddy, I dont want to go to college”. 

Now… My ears perked up to that… Since “going to college” has been ingrained in my child from the time she could walk!  Ang would freak out if she heard this!

I replied, “Well, you have to go to college… Or, you’ll have to go in the Army, or go right to work after school.”

Summer calmy said, “No, I don’t want to do any of that”.

“Well, what do YOU want to do?”

“I want to run free.”

Huh?  Did she just say that?  This is far easier to deal with than someone who hates school!  She is just dreaming!

“How are you going to run free?”, I ask.

“I’m just going to get on my horse and ride away”.

Now, in hindsight, I should have searched my iPod and played Wildfire…  Or recommended that she marry a Native American… But  I pretty much just quashed her dream my saying thats not possible.

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