Did you check out the photos from South Dakota?  That was a great time!  It was a lot of driving, but we were there with perfect weather.  70 degrees in November!

Spent Thanksgiving in Iowa with Ang’s relatives… I think I through some pictures up of that.  We stopped in Ft. Madison for dinner and had the most awesome pizza.  It was like eating a slab of Mozzarella cheese!  (OK, so that makes for an uncomfortible couple hours of gastric distress…  But its worth it!) The Parthanon Family resturant comes highly recommended if you are in the area… Hopefully that pizza is a new tradition!  (Oh, and getting a growler of Lost Duck beer is also a tradition.)

Went to Chicago last Thursday night and stayed downtown with the kids.  It was fun checking out the sites and stores.  We did go to the Museum of Science and Industry…  It was a lot fun for the kids, but I have to admit to being a little disappointed…  It has not chanced much in 20 years.  The kids liked it though, Summer said it was like a giant toy store.

Went to Summer’s Special person day last week…  Got to eat a school lunch and watch her play on the playground…  Man, I would rather be at work than be a kid dealing with schoolyard “clicks”.  Almost brought me nightmares!

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