Time capsule

After 15 years of absence… I finally got a copy of The Cars “Shake it Up”.  Big deal?  Well, it is to me.  I was a Cars freak for many years (Don will testify to that).  I had every LP AND Cassette back in the day.  I had concert programs, autobiographies, and cutouts of every picture that ever made it to Rolling Stone!  Big time geek!!!

I have had  all their other albums on CD up till now, but for some reason…  Even after having all these other CD’s, I never ordered “Shake it up”.  Its not because I didn’t like it or anything… I just always figured I would find it used or something!

Anyway, the gist of the story here:  This was like an audio time machine.  I still had memories of all the songs on the disk, but for the most part, they were almost new again.  It was a wild feeling. 

My only real memory of this album was listening to it on my Sony Walkman while spending the night at Aunt Carla’s condo in Bloomington.  In a strange bed, in the dark, listening to new music with headphones on…  It was like drugs!  Ha Ha!

On to other things….  Yeah, my dream fell short…  Devon Hester was an MVP in an alternate universe…

Everyone here at the house was sick this weekend.  What fun!

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