Boats, Trains, Mocking Birds and Weddings

Sorry for the delay..  (if I had a nickle for every time I wrote that!)

Picture above taken at the Tall Ships Festival in Chicago today.  We had a lot of fun…  But if you asked the kids the best part…  They would have said: “The train ride to the festival”.   We parked the car down my Midway Airport and took the Metra line.  I was scared that Lollapalooza would have overtaken the city, and did not want to get downtown only to be stuck in a quagmire.  $10.00 with parking for the round-trip tickets for the family.  Pretty cheap!  That may be the only way to do the Loop in the future.

The tall ships were fun, but by the time we got to the high profile ships, (The Nina) the kids were not about to stand in the longest lines they had seen all day.  Oh wait, the longest line we saw all day was at the Navy Pier Mens and Womens rooms….  No Lie!  I digress, instead we looked at the cool boats from a distance and then let the kids frolic in the fountain.  Believe it or not, they walked from the Metra station, to the Chicago River, all the way over to Navy Pier and back without being carried!  I love that!

By the time we got to the car, the whole family was ready to crash!  I yawned all the way to Joliet.

The Mockingbird…  What is the deal with Mocking birds?  I have one…  Ummmm…  4 actually that have taken up residence at my farm. 

If you read about them in the Wiki, they note that the birds are known for a wonderful chirping and song ability…  Well, I have not heard any of that.  These things “bark”.  Seriously.  When one of my cats comes out of the barn, or sits in the yard, the Mockingbirds swoop down at them and make all kinds of noise. 

In the morning, dawn…  They sit on the kids swing set and “bark” right outside my bedroom window.

So, I tell Ang of my idea to kill all of the birds…  She says its bad luck.  Huh?  How did this bird get on the protected status for Luck breakers?  Its an annoying animal!  They are still alive, but I am just waiting for the day they push me over the edge!

None of you have any idea how much these birds are bothering me.

Wait till you hear about the coyotes…  I dont like to have too many animal stories on one post.

Lastly…  Erin pointed out that I am a bad person to gleen news from.   Apparently I did not give enough information about Toms engagement…  Well, here is what I know:  They’re engaged.  Religious preference, wedding colors, time, location and other details were not forthcoming.  Oh wait, I heard it from the Groom-to-be…  None of the details are really important to the Groom.  We may fool you into thinking that we always had a dream wedding, but we dont really.  Just get it handled!  (Actually, Steele always said he would get married with a kilt on…  I guess that was not his wife’s dream!  See!  It doesnt matter what we think anyway!)

Oh, Angela’s cousin Lynn is also engaged to be married.  I am guessing that will take place before Tom’s.

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