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The NOOM Thing

If your expecting a commercial for NOOM… Well…  Consider this a weird endorsement.   I think for me, the results speak for themselves!

It all started sometime back in March or April of 2020 when we started shutting down the service department on Saturdays due to COVID and a lack of traffic at the store.  This was also the time we were all told to stay home unless it was completely necessary to travel or shop.  I was working 5 days a week…  But my weekends turned into sleeping in till 10AM.  Literally, waking up at 8 or 8:30 and just surfing the internet for an hour or two.  After I got up, I would work on the basement rec room, a project that took about 2 months of weekends during the shutdown.

One of those mornings surfing the net had an ad from NOOM popup on my Facebook feed.  It literally dared me to lose 20 pounds and asked me what I would be willing to pay.  After it justified its program… I agreed to 100 bucks to loose 20 pounds.

It was a slow slog.  I logged my meals and started reading their psychology stories everyday.

I started losing weight.   And it started to show.  I noticed… And then people I work with noticed.  It was kind of exciting!

All I did was change my eating habits… And I started to look at what I was eating differently.  NOOM has a great method of looking at food by density.  High density foods are on the “dont eat so much” list.  All greens and fruits are on the eat as much as you want side.

You can eat whatever you want… There are no rules, meals or judgements.  But, if you weigh yourself daily like they recommend, and take in the calories recommended… You are going to lose weight.

On the right is my chart.  I dipped to my lowest weight right before my program ended in November.  I thought, I can do this with the “freeware” ap after my subscription ended, and as you can see…  It started ticking back up.  I touched 200 pounds after Christmas 2020 and freaked out.  (Its hard to believe I would gain weight around Christmas right?)

After Christmas… The Ap gave me a deal I could not resist.  a basic subscription with a Coach for a cheaper price than I paid before.  I jumped on it.  For me, there is something about the accountability of paying for something and using it.  (Not so much with exercise equipment!?!?!)  The only difference in this venture on the new subscription seems to be that I am missing my online support group.  I did like the banter amongst others on the same journey.  The only downfall with the group… People whine a lot.  People who post that they are not losing weight are lying to someone…  Themselves and others.  If you take in the calories and read the literature (and take it in)… You will lose pounds.

I started my second round back up in January and plan on loosing another 10 pounds…  180’ish would put me in a spot where “L” shirts would fit every time.  I have just got my balance back on my eating, so this current weight of 197 is not that scrary.  I have been drifting back and forth around 195 over the past week and hope to be on the low side of that over the next few weeks.  180’s in a couple months?

For me, it works.  Its not a life changing lifestyle change.  I can eat decent food.  I can resist garbage.  I can get on the scale daily.

I also…  Have not changed one thing I normally do as far as working out.  If I had that motivation…. I would probably be down to my ideal weight already!  Weekends are actually the slack time as far as steps and eating right go.

Time for some pushups!

If you want to give it a try, here is my referral code (I get $20):

Also….  If you are on Garmin and want to compete with the my steps every week, month etc…  I can text you or somehow figure that out!