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Me personally, I think taking a donation for your campaign is akin to taking a compliment.  I don’t take compliments well.  When I get them, I usually fumble the ball and make a joke to avoid it.

Same thing with getting donations.  I take the money or check and say “thanks”.  But I feel like I should do more!  Its all awkward!

This whole election will likely cost the campaign over a 1500 dollars.  More than I would have ever planned on spending and more than I thought I my wife would ever allow!  The Libertarian party does not have a lot of funds, but they have done a great job of spreading assistance all over the epic number of candidates in the Peoria area.

I am good with spending my own cash to be a part of this gamble…  I never thought that could be avoided!

But if you are enjoying the fray from the sidelines and have the ability to contribute (so that I might decide this is worth doing again!) I would be very grateful!  Remember… Wining this election is really about getting ballot access for the party ove the

Donation information is located here:  Donations Page