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Stahl for Liberty – Proposed Amendment to the State Tax Code

My mailbox was chock full today from Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White.  Jesse sent myself, my wife and my daughter direct mail… In envelopes…  Telling us that we would be able to vote by mail this year.  Thats awesome. 

What’s not awesome is cost of this mailer. I know from my experience with direct mail marketing that an envelope with a letter stuffed inside costs at least a quarter more per piece.  Though I probably don’t get the volume discount Jesse did.  Last count said that Illinois had 8 million registered voters… Even if the volume discount price was $.15 more, that would amount to 1.2 million dollars extra to tell us something that could have been written on a postcard.

We know that saving money is not always the states first goal. Let’s get away from that distraction before it drives me insane from the financial variables. 

Also in my mailbox, I got this blue pamphlet from Jesse titled “Proposed Amendment to the Illinois Constitution”.  It looks really official, but unlike letters…  We only got one for the house.  How inconvenient, we have been fighting each other to read since it arrived!  That was sarcasm, I am glad we only got one!  At least you saved some money there.

The Amendment wants to change the tax code, and in their words, make it fair.  Instead of a flat tax, lets graduate it so that those who make more, pay more.  Something must have happened when Illinois went to the bank this year… In the past, lack of funds has never stopped us from spending.  We just send out bond requests and get free money at the bank.  According to Illinois Policy…  We are 203 Billion dollars in debt!  Billion!  Thats more money Jeff Bezos has!  Did the banks finally shut them off?

I am voting no on the proposed amendment. Heres my logic.

Illinois has collected a lot of money over the years.  And yet its never enough.  If you had a family member that was always avoiding bankruptcy by taking out more loans… You would have an intervention.  Your family would circle up and call him in and say its time to stop the madness.  Well, most of them…  Crazy Uncle Rick who unconditionally believes Illinois would tell him that we are all “squares” and to ignore us.  Until Illinois went into rehab, nobody would be giving him money!

I hear both sides shouting.  Frankly, I don’t care about the budget deficit.  I don’t care about stories of rich people moving out of the state to avoid taxation.  I don’t care if we cut services or skip road construction for a year.  

What I care about is that we don’t let the current cast of characters running this state have access to any more tax dollars.  Like a junkie, they will say whatever it takes to get their fix..  But you know they will be back to their old spending tricks once their pockets are full.  

We need to show them that they are not getting any more money from us until they can be responsible with what they have.  

Illinois cannot bond into prosperity.  Illinois cannot tax into prosperity.  We can balance our budget, spend responsibly and let citizens vote again when they see changes.  Because, I know one thing for sure, our debts are not going away.  More taxes and fees will be coming no matter what!  

If this drives you nuts and you are not voting for change…  Then I have to ask why?  Don’t you think its a warning flag when the governor took all of his toilets out of his mansion to avoid taxes?  8 million of us voters need to yank this guy into the kitchen and have that intervention.  Deep down, even crazy Uncle Rick has to know this guy is a con man!  Even his friends are trouble!

As a Libertarian, I should tell you that taxation is theft and I will never raise a tax… Ever.  But I am not a liar.  So, lets be truthful.  Even our county did not cover its debts last year. 

If you think we can get out of our current State or county messes without paying for unfunded programs and pillaged retirement accounts…  Then you must be planning on the state winning the lottery.  There is no way out of this without financial responsibility from voters who put these leaders in place.  Yes Illinoisan.  The piper will come looking for payment sooner or later. 

If elected, I will be determined to find any way possible to save money for our county as a first option.  Dont worry, vital services are just that in my eyes along with education.  Keeping an educated populace will mean that we will have a great workforce that can maintain local businesses and industry drawing from our employment pool.  That said.  Ugly choices have to be made in the coming months and years.  

While we wait for November, JB what number should we pick for the Powerball?