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Candidate Stahl Libertarian

The Allentown Road Neighborhood

Holy smokes…  I am saddened that I have not gotten out and talked to my neighbors before. I know them by name… But when I roll up and talk to people who live around me and they start telling me everything that stinks about living here…  Well, you start to see recurring themes.

We all have the same issues.  Utilities blink in and out.  Frontier Internet sucks.  Our kids may or may not be going to school next year and we need to figure these things out before they are sent back home again!

We have sooooo much in common… But we have not been united in contacting the players involved.  Shame on us.  We are all connected to people all over the world, but I barely know people who live 100 yards away.

Regardless of what happens with my election campaign (win or not)… I feel like we need to do something to bring the neighborhood together.

On a side note… I will tell you that getting a half dozen signatures from your neighbors takes a lot longer than hitting people up in a parking lot!  I spent two hours gabbing.  But that was a good thing!

On another side note… One neighbor thought I was animal control when I rolled up in treehugger.  Apparently a raccoon has gone missing and she was afraid I might be there to cuff someone!  LOL