Summer is amazing!

After graduation from DeeMack last year, Summer accepted the Federal Air Force Scholarship for College Tuition.  She had to have the grades and get through the interviews to make this happen. Her high standing in Civil Air Patrol also boosted her chances.  I wanted to post is all over social media and proclaim her greatness… And I probably should have… But I knew that she still had some hurdles to get through before she would be in the clear.  One of those items was the Air Force physical.  

Today we got the call.  At 5:30 this morning she was stressing and working out while we were in bed.  Angela called her at 7 and we got confirmation that she passed. 

This means that Mom and Dad will be wearing Air Force gear ASAP!  We are super proud of Summer and relieved to a small degree. She still has 4 years to go but we are off to a good start and are fully behind her!

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