Planet Stahl

All Stahl, All the Time


The first thing to go?

Is it eyesight or hearing?  Because both of mine are in a race to turn me into an old man!

Today… Today was the day that I had to note my eyesight failing.  I was trying to use a tape measure for some floor trim.  It was a low light situation and I had to do a round-about guess-ti-mate on the measurement.

I have been blessed to this point with pretty good vision.  I took a prescription 15 years ago when I left Toyota to work at a data company.  I was in front of a PC all day under florescent lights… I think that lended itself to my vision problems.  I could barely see at night on the way home from North Peoria.

After I left that job and went back to the dealership… I have generally not worn any specs. Like 99.9% of the time.  Occasionally with lots of driving or going to see a movie… I will take them.  (A movie looks like ULTRAHD vs HD with my glasses)

So… What am I going to do about it?  Probably nothing!  LOL.  I just need more light and I can get it done in the meantime.

Now my hearing… Thats another story.