Bad Luck

Talk about a string of bad luck!

We get home to find that a cat had been locked up in our car… Our new car! Let me tell you about smell! I ended up getting most of that clean. There is still the little issue of 1500.00 in interior repairs that the insurance company is working with me on! Seriously! And yes, the cat did live…. For now!

Then, I was lowering storm windows last week and one got me. Really got me! From the full up position one of Summers windows slammed down on 3 of my fingers on my right hand. Ang was not home. The kids were downstairs watching the Wiggles…. I wanted to curse, cry and scream at the same time. It was bad! I removed myself from the window and gently placed myself on the easy chair to watch Wiggles. I think I was whimpering… 2 of my fingers are trashed. Of course it was my writing hand. I had to take a day off work the next day, since my fingers had the look of sausages gone bad. I eventually had to relieve the pressure beneath the nails with some shop tools in the basement. No more details for now. Lets just say that I have not really been able to type till yesterday.

More bad luck. I slipped and fell down the back stairs the other night. Ang says it was because I was having a few beers with Dan… But I think I was just in a hurry. I ribs are still killing me!
What else? Oh, I had a sty starting to grow on my eye!!!! I quickly handled that with an extreme exercise in hourly washings with alcohol on my eyelid. I did not care! I am already falling apart all over… I don’t need some kind of freak eye infection as well. Never had one before… Don’t have one now.

So, bad luck aside… Its good to be home!

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