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Religious Experience?

Recently, I was talking to a customer that I have become friends with over the years.  I was describing a memory from my trip to Alaska this past year. I was remembering the moment our fishing boat came out of an inlet and were greeted to a view of a jagged rock point.  The rocks were cut with almost perfect angles on all sides. They towered a hundred feet over our boat.

It was almost appeared contrived and fabricated for a movie.  Wet and glistening layers of brown and black surface crashing against the waves as hardy, gnarled rooted evergreens hung on for dear life against the onslaught of wind and tide.

It was a glorious site as our little boat chugged along against the ten foot swells.  It left enough impression on me that I remember is clearly.

I told the customer, Richard, that “It was as if God himself cut this rock”.  Rich fired right back at me…. “He did! God put that there for you to see.” Richards conviction that God had been there building sculptures ahead of my arrival seems silly at first…. But honestly…. The majesty and natural beauty of that scene have me wondering if I had had a religious experience.  

Maybe a Muir moment?