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Missed the shot

A few weeks ago I was traveling through northern Arkansas for an off road event in Hot Springs Arkansas. This year, like years past, I was enamored by the cotton harvest in process and “burns” they do on the fields afterward.

The air was still… and for miles around my truck in all directions there were columns of smoke rising into the air. The hue of the sky was a orange and pink tone with the oncoming sunset. It was beautiful, in an industrial “slash and burn” kind of way.

As I was driving next to fields of cotton that were ready to be harvested… Rows of little plants with white polka dots sat dutifully waiting their eventual fate. The visual of the white speckled crop against the tinted skyline was striking, and I wanted to pull over and take some pictures.

But I didn’t! I was in a hurry to get to my destination… I was sure that I would not find a photo that would capture the moment anyway.

I wish I would have stopped and I regret that decision still. Lesson learned… Stop and take the picture if you see something interesting.

Tonight… I took this picture on Broadway near Tremont. It wasn’t quit what I wanted… moments earlier, I had a view of the tractors working the fields and thought it could be a cool against the horizon. I perfectly timed it wrong as the tractors disappeared behind the hedge row. This picture would have more ideal if you could see tractors kicking up the dust as they turn over the dry, harvested fields. I stopped and took the time to snap a few pic’s though… And I am happy I did.