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Lyrics to live by

I want to write a review of the amazing The The concert I saw this past weekend… But time is a premium right now. If I get a chance, I’ll comeback and redo this.

Of all the greatness of the show… The most beautiful moment was the last few verses of the song Lonely Planet.

I’m in love with the planet I’m standing on

I can’t stop

I can’t stop thinking of

All the people I’ve ever loved

All the people I have lost

All the people I’ll never know

All the feelings I’ve never shown.

The world’s too big. And life’s too short.

To be alone…To be alone.

The concert was a lifetime goal for me… As I have never seen Matt or the band live. Which, if you know me, seems odd that I would have missed them at all.

The song selections on the set list that led up to these final words quoted above had ripped through a bevy of emotions. Ultimately, Johnson’s wisdom and understanding of the world and the shades of light and darkness everyman carries were fully represented. While I never want a concert to end, especially this one… if it had too, I am not sure that any song could close it better.