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Immigration and the great hype

I cant believe I am succumbing to this…
You are all being played. All my Right leaning friends.. Played. Left leaning folks… Being played like a fiddle. The parties and media have you parroting everything. The hot button tweets and memes that you think make a difference… Are just part of the big wedge they want to drive between you. Its embarrassing. Whats worse… I am playing into it with this post.
Immigrating to any country is inherently dangerous. Its never been easy. If can you take the risk to rid your life of all its earthly possessions, other than whats on your back, and take your family to an uncertain destination. You are mentally ready for the consequences of what happens if you dont receive a warm reception. You have probably already been warned of what happened to others who failed on similar attempts.
You can die in a desert trying to make the journey.
You would risk being locked in a container truck and dying of heat.
You would risk your children and family for this chance at a better future.
You have done these things in the past. Risked it all.
If your caught. You know whats going to happen. You know that your kids might even be better served in detention in the USA while you make more attempts to make it through.
As of a short time ago… You would have been happy if half your family made it over the border… Soon enough, you would give it another shot.
Yes… Even with chain link fences and dog kennel style holding facilities.  You have made it over the first hurdle…  Surviving the trip with your life.  Frankly… I surprised they dont have pictures of the kids in orange jump suits with shaved heads.  Disease, bugs and sanitation can lead to a whole host of problems.
3 generations ago in my family… My Italian forefathers were in similar situations. The US Government would not take everyone at Ellis Island. We had children stripped from their family and left to fend for themselves while others had to go back to Italy and make more attempts to come to the US.
Amazingly… Those orphaned kids grew up and survived! (Sarcastic tone… I’m sorry) And yes… Those that were rejected at Ellis had to cross from Mexico illegally.
I will have to get more clarity on what actually happened from my Mother and Grandmother at some point. Guardian Angel home in Peoria had a role to play for those left behind in the US.
Back to the point. Your social media activism only serves to divide.  Its worthless.  I know everyone of my friends on Facebook who Hate and Love Trump.  Not much middle ground with folks anymore. 
Get some fresh air.  Turn off the TV.  Turn off the radio.  Go outside and pick up some litter. Go volunteer at the Soup Kitchen or the Mission. Help out at TAPS. Do something local to help people at ground level. Its what YOU have the power to do NOW.
When the elections come around… Quit voting for these clowns that dont share your values or listen to their constituents.
Dont like tax breaks for local developers? Remember that for tomorrows elections (Proverbial Election)
Dont like impound policies that take away a persons car before being proven guilty? Remember that.
Dont like traffic cameras, facial recognition software running on every citizen or blacked out squad cars? Remember these things when the locals want a vote.
Ugh…  When did you all become slaves to the whims of the parties?   You know that next week you will be outraged about something else right?