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Great albums not on Spotify


PIL – Greatest Hits (Specifically missing “Dont Ask Me”)  The rest of the album is in their catalog. But this one song released as part of the greatest hits is one of their best, and relevant to today.

Schleprock – Americas Dirty Little Secret.  Amazing Ska-Core band from the West Coast that had some killer hooks.

Rob Jungklas – Closer to the Flame.  Memphis rockers debut with some memorable tunes.

Pere Ubu – Cloudland.  (Also:  Modern Dance, Dub Housing, Story of my Life, Worlds in Collision)  Pere have decided they will forgo the streaming service option.  See my Peter Gabriel rant.  While I can appreciate a small band needing the funds that come with song sales… They risk sliding into an even more obscure corner of music history if no-one can hear their music.  Not sure what the solution is, but I dont see this being the answer.

House of Freaks – Tantilla.  Another obscure 80’s band that will probably fall by the wayside of musical history.  One of the duo was murdered after their 3rd album and I think their legacy left with him.  Original songwriting like theirs is hard to come by.

I will add more as I run across them!


Albums added late:

Warren Zevon – Sentimental Hygiene

Peter Gabriel – So