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Peter Gabriel… “So” you came around?

I randomly came across the Dead Kennedy’s on Spotify this past week… And thought, “I wonder if Peter Gabriel is on here?”

A quick search revealed that his albums are now on Spotify.  Yeah!

You can go back a while and see my thrashing of holdouts like Gabriel.  I understand the financial aspect of his holdout.  But lets be real… The longer you stay out of the streaming business… The further from relevance you music seems to get.  I had pretty much given up on his catalog.

Sure, I own his CD’s. But I am not toting those guys around!  And I will be damned if I am going to buy this album on iTunes.  I’ve owned “So” on LP, Cassette and CD.  He’s gotten me three times over already!

I think I am going to start a post with albums that I love that are not on Spotify.  Really, just so I dont forget about them!