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Warren Dunes – In the water

I had to come back to Warren Dunes for a second trip this year…  This time with the family. Here is a video of a few shorts stitched together from the Canon D10.

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Warren Dunes Sunset – 8.4.18

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Alaska Photos

This is not everything…  But its an album I started.  I have more pics and videos I will share in this directory.

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Throwin’ Wrenches

A few of you might already know this… But I figured it was anouncement worthy… I am working with local radio celebrity, Daryl Scott, on an automotive centered podcast.  The show is called Throwin’ Wrenches and is available on iTunes … Continue reading

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Fishing adventure ahead

Fishing…. Let’s talk about Eric and fishing. I have a few distinct memories with a fishing pole. Obviously, they are not major life turning events…. Or you might see me packing one on any of my camping trips taken throughout … Continue reading

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Immigration and the great hype

I cant believe I am succumbing to this…   You are all being played. All my Right leaning friends.. Played. Left leaning folks… Being played like a fiddle. The parties and media have you parroting everything. The hot button tweets … Continue reading

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Great albums not on Spotify

  PIL – Greatest Hits (Specifically missing “Dont Ask Me”)  The rest of the album is in their catalog. But this one song released as part of the greatest hits is one of their best, and relevant to today. Schleprock … Continue reading

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Peter Gabriel… “So” you came around?

I randomly came across the Dead Kennedy’s on Spotify this past week… And thought, “I wonder if Peter Gabriel is on here?” A quick search revealed that his albums are now on Spotify.  Yeah! You can go back a while … Continue reading

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15 Greatest Albums of all time… As of March 2009

Right now on Facebook there is a little thing going around were you post album covers and talk about your faves…   I remembered writing this years ago.  Its in my Facebook “Notes”.  Funny enough… Its still holding about 75% accurate … Continue reading

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The Lead Hair

The lead hair.  Is he the idealistic soldier who steps forward when he hears the call?  Or is he the brave soul who stands his ground while the others retreat? Would I deny his nobility and strike down his impotence … Continue reading

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