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Tazewell County Litter

If cleanliness is next to Godliness…  then Tazewell County IL is going straight to Hell! Every year about this time…  We see the first glints of greenery budding on the trees and bushes of Central Illinois.  Its our first whiff … Continue reading

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The more things change…

I am noodling here… So, if this is not coherent… I warned you. Below is a picture of a google image search for “animated trump image” or something like that. Anyone who knows me…  Knows that my political alliances lie … Continue reading

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My Barber is high tech!

For years I have been going to Colonial Barber shop in Pekin for my bi-monthly trims.  During the last twenty years of using this local shop, I have become attached to a few of the guys and gals renting chairs … Continue reading

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Sunrise on Deerfield Beach – 1.12.18

Not sure why I never appreciated this type of stuff when I lived there…  But if I had, I likely would not be here in Illinois!  Its a win-win I guess.

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Christmas 2017    

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SCC 2017

The Fort’s Trail Team ended our 2017 “Season” with one of our favorite events in the TLCA lineup…  Southern Cruiser Crawl (SCC).  SCC has been a “must” event for our group since our first time venturing to Hot Springs Off … Continue reading

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Have you been a good person?

This morning the news broke about Matt Lauer getting fired from NBC for sexual harassment.  Honestly… I didn’t care.  Lauer is a mega-media guy who has been paid a billion dollars for sitting down to drink coffee with any number … Continue reading

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Kokopelli Trail run with Fort’s Trail Team

Wanted:  Cruise Moab registrants with an extra taste for adventure for this years Overnight run on the Kokopelli Trail.  Trucks must be lifted, modified and protected from the extreme trails that will be between you and Moab.  Additionally, be prepared … Continue reading

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Summer in Norway?

Today I got a flurry of text messages from my Daughter expressing interest in a 4H exchange program for the summer of 2018… 1 month in Norway.  Above is one of the text images. OK… I listen to the pitch… … Continue reading

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Pekin Paintball

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